Disney 2018 - Summer Trip - Our Story

We are now in our 3rd year for running a summer trip in July. 

12 families went on the trip led by very own trustee Emma Barber.

Like the first 2 years, they stayed in the fabulous Newport Bay Hotel. 

On Tuesday, the whole group met up for breakfast with the characters at a Disney restaurant.. 

Julie Hodgson, one of the groups trainers joined Emma and heres what she has to say.. "Ive always been a big supporter of magic moments and was delighted to be nominated this year to go to Paris with some of the families the charity supports. After riding from Cardiff to Bath and London to Brighton I thought I’d to raise the bar and cycle the iconic 250 miles from London to Paris. What was I thinking!!!!! Not only was the distance more than I’d ever done before but it was made even more challenging by the hot weather we had as the temperatures soared to 31 degrees and then the following day we had rain which made it difficult to see where we were going, but I kept thinking of the charity and it kept me peddling on. 

I look back on my own childhood (obviously not long ago) and treasure the very happy times we had as a family growing up and the very special trips to Alton Towers (the equivalent of Disney Land today) I can’t wait to help the families make some very special memories of their own"

Love Julie

Alex Wheelock-Lines said "Awesome, would be a word I would use! The trip, I personally felt was a huge success with many magical parts and thoroughly enjoyed by all – it’s a true pleasure to see such happy faces on people who have had such difficult times and times which I can’t even imagine how tough they have been. I am touched and proud to be involved with Magic Moments and want to keep striving to ensure the charity gets bigger and bigger thus helping more and more people"