Disney 2017 - Summer Trip - Our Story

For the second year running, we went to Disneyland Paris in July. 

10 families went on the trip led by our board member Tom Charlesworth and supported by Lewis Wren and Matt Tilbury. 

Like 2016, they stayed in the fabulous Newport Bay Hotel. 

On Tuesday, the whole group met up for breakfast with the characters at a Disney restaurant.. 

Laura Tilbury: "As a massive Disney fan and Magic Moments supporter, to be asked to help with this trip is my once in a lifetime opportunity to change lives. I am expecting a lot of laughter, silly photos and making friends for life not only that wearing my Minnie Mouse ears the whole time! Even jumping out a plane  won’t be as amazing as seeing the Disney Magic in all our families faces. When we are standing at the bottom of The Twilight Tower of Terror we need to remember the words of Rapunzel  “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it” See you all there xx"

Tom Charlesworth: "Hundreds of people go out of their way to support Magic Moments every year and it is such a privilege to be invited to lead this years trip. No matter how young, old, big or small you are Disney is a truly special place and I cant wait to see the excitement on the faces of the children and their families, that have endured more than I can ever imagine, who truly deserve to be spoilt in as magical a way as possible"

Matt Tilbury: "It is a real privilege to be invited along to share this special trip with all those going. This is why we put in all the hard work to raise the money to allow these trips to happen and through  sharing the experience with our friends and colleagues it will help us to continue to make the children, and their families, dreams come true, because that is what Magic Moment and Disney stand for"

Lewis Wren: "Incredibly privileged and excited albeit I have some trepidation in terms of how I will feel emotionally….. as I know I will be blown away by the experience… seeing the joy in all the children’s faces will be something that I don’t think anyone could ever prepare for!

To be involved in something that is so simple yet, so special for all the families involved, is an incredible feeling – seeing all the support for the Charity, from the Spicerhaart Family come through to providing actual Magical Moments will I know be an exceptional feeling"