Disney 2014 - Our Story

Dozens of families throughout the country are treasuring golden Disney memories thanks to everyone who has supported our Magic Moments charity this year.

209 people – parents, siblings, carers and are cooling their heels after experiencing the holiday of a lifetime at Disneyland Paris. None of them would be there if it wasn’t for your help, and our suppliers, in organising fundraising events throughout 2014 to make it happen.

It was the first time Jonathan Martin, Chair of Magic Moments, had taken over sole organisation of the logistics of the trip. The trip was divided into two parties, the first leaving on 9 November for a four-day stay at Sequoia Lodge under the watchful eyes of Tom Charlesworth, divisional training manager for haart London, and Jonathan took the second, which left on 16 November.This was the fifth trip Jonathan has accompanied but the first time he got to know the families before meeting them as he was the main organiser.

It was entirely different for me this time. The team I went with were brilliant, too. We hardly left each other's side. I felt emotional quite a few times and a little bit helpless in terms of the children's illnesses. We saw parents often getting emotional. Some had never seen expressions of joy on their child’s face.”

Magic Moments supports 12 hospices across the country, regionally positioned throughout the Group’s network. It was the hospices that nominated the families who benefited. Almost a third of the families had already gone through the immense pain of losing their child.

Tom Charlesworth, who is also a charity board member, said: “The trip was a sobering and motivating experience. It makes you realise what people have to go through and that just a cake sale to raise money can make a real difference.

“This was my first trip. I found it very emotional. We don’t always appreciate what the children and their families have to go through to make their lives better and just how much time and effort that involves.”