We are so happy to be raising money for such a good cause! A close friend helped out on one of the magic moment trips last year to Euro Disney and told us how special it was for both the sick children and their families.

I think hearing about a gorgeous little girl called Freya made it easy for us to select MM!

Jessica and I work together at a school in Woking and having taken part in a couple of triathlons were ready to set ourselves a new challenge. We are regulars at the gym but are not super fit... In fact you will often find us in the bar having a post work-out hazelnut latte! 

We have been training for the last 8 months and have gradually increased the distances we cycle. Unfortunately, it is quite time consuming and have to admit we have not yet accomplished 80 miles...(the amount we will be cycling every day for 4 days!!).

It will be a huge challenge and to be honest...very terrifying! Wish us luck!!

Jane and Jessica


So...A beautiful day to end the adventure! Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Your donations and encouraging words really helped us to get through it! So tough but well worth it!!! Thank you!!! Xxxxx

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