On September 1st, Our team at Blackpool Corporate Sales take part in a Mystery Night...

The night began with everyone getting in to teams of 4, they then had to learn their role/character, each and every person took to the “stage” and performed their lines. In between everyone’s lines there were games where you could win clues to help discover the true identity of the killer. Also to assist with the investigation, forensic reports were given and interviews with suspects were held. Once all the evidence had been presented, each team had the chance to state who the murder was and their  motive.

Everyone was amazing there’s certainly some actors/actresses in the making!

Manchester Murder Mysteries company were fantastic and ensured the night ran smoothly. 

An amazing £327.50 was raised on what was such a fun night.

Emma Bates from Manchester Murder Mysteries said "After hosting a murder mystery fundraiser for Magic Moments in Blackpool with Kathryn Legg of Spicerhaart, we wanted to make a donation. It was a wonderfully organised and well attended event."

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