On the 7th of March, the Felicity J Lord division is taking up Britain’s most loved pub game – Darts.

On the corner of the City and Shoreditch lies Flight Club bar, the home of Social Darts.

Where classic pub meets fairground flair.

It uses ‘state-of-the-art technology’ and ‘exciting new game-play’ so participants needn’t worry about brushing up on their mental arithmetic as the venue will use real-time, animated scoring and touch screens.

With three different throw lines, everyone can play and anyone can win. Preserving the fun and tradition of the sport, whilst completely blowing the doors off it!

 From a playing perspective, Flight Club redefines one of Britain’s most loved sports by introducing some cool tech into the game-play, making it super easy and fun, especially for people who haven’t played before. Both the game and venue have been designed with groups of friends in mind, making the whole experience very social.

Come along and see for yourself!

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