A Skittle Bit of Fun!

Gareth Lowndes, FS DSM for Darlows has organised a payday after work social drink into a fiercely competitive game of skittles!  Teams from around the Region compete for the title of Payday Skittle Champion.

May saw Linsey, Lisa and Lisa take the title and the evening raised £95.  In June ‘the professionals’ of Linsey, Lisa and Lisa retained the title and the evening raised a further £100. 

Tracey Lawson, BM in Albany Road said ‘this skittle lark is a bit of alright’, so with growing interest throughout the Region this will now be a monthly event

End of July saw The Professionals once gain take the coveted title of Darlows Skittle Champions but with one difference.  With Lisa H away on hols, Lettings neg  Jordan Branch took her place and became the number 1 skittler on the evening.  In the works of Linsey Davies Lisa H is now dropped from the team….Another £100 Raised.



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